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Yongho Bay Wharf to only cater to pleasure cruises in the future, with cruises on a 2,000-ton cruise vessel to start at the end of this year

Yongho Bay Wharf, in Nam-gu is set to become a key departure point for pleasure cruises. Busan will make Yongho Bay Wharf a cruise-exclusive wharf by reinforcing its breakwaters and other infrastructure. To achieve this, the city plans to construct a special cruise terminal at a cost of 5.9 billion won. Facilities will including a waiting room, a ticket office, a promotion room and an observation deck to be located in the terminal. The 2000-ton cruise vessel, whose home port will be Yongho Bay Wharf, will start sailing from December and a 700-ton cruise vessel will join it from March next year.

Reference: Tourism Promotion Department (051-888-3514)




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