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YG Entertainment Revises Controversial 2NE1 Song After Insulting Muslim Community

YG Entertainment has revised a controversial song which insulted Muslims in Korea and around the world this week.

The song, ‘MTBD’, a new release by K-pop giants 2NE1, featured a 14-second sample of Hafiz Mohammad Thaha al-Junayd performing a recitation of verses from the Quran in the background of the solo song by the group’s rapper, CL.

‘Muslims find this song to be a severe insult and are demanding for the agency to take action including quickly removing it or editing the entire song, and apologizing to Muslims,’ a formal complaint from the Korea Muslim Federation said earlier this week. Critics claim they were lifted from Sura 78, Verses 32-34 of the Quran, which describes heaven.

The backlash from the song lit up social media this week, including a petition on entitled ‘Delete CL’s Song and Apologize to All Muslims,’ which collected nearly 12,000 signatures.

‘It is wrong to put the sound of recitation of the holy book of Muslims in a song,’ the petition reads. ‘Maybe you will never understand, but the Quran is a big thing for us! It is our life’

Though many Muslims were upset with the lyrics, Fahad Fadel, one of the organizers of the petition, told website Kpopstarz that though he felt no ill-will towards the group, to put the sound of recitation of the holy book of Muslims in a song is wrong.

‘We simply want an admission of the mistake they have made. It might appear to non-Muslims as a trivial thing, but to us the Quran is a book that holds a special place in our hearts.’

YG Entertainment has since uploaded a new video to YouTube with the alleged Quran verse removed.



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