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Yellow Ribbon Campaign Hopes for a Miracle

BUSAN, South Korea — Overwhelmed with grief and shock, South Korea remains immersed in a solemn atmosphere, even a week after the nation’s worst ferry disaster in two decades.

The tragedy that left at least 150 people dead and a similar number of others missing has consumed the people’s minds, even changing their daily patterns.

Unable to focus properly on their daily work, South Koreans glue their eyes to TV sets, computers and their mobile devices to check news on the search and rescue operations. They are feeling pain and anger at the same time about the dim hope of finding any survivors.

No survivors have been found since the ship sank off the southwestern island of Jindo last Wednesday. Of the 476 people on board, only 174 passengers, including the ferry’s captain and most of its crew, were rescued. The ferry capsized due to what is believed to have been a faster than usual turn.

Still, the hope is shared from one town to the other with pictures of a yellow ribbon quickly spreading through social network services (SNS). The picture has a ribbon drawn in a thick black line on a yellow background, with the phrase: ‘May one small move make a big miracle.’

The Yellow Ribbon Campaign of Hope was first started by a university student club, urging people to unite in their support for those affected by the tragic accident.

More and more netizens have been taking part to spread the yellow-ribbon picture and the Pray for South Korea campaign, retweeting it or attaching it on their Facebook and Kakao Talk profiles, with hundreds of thousands of netizens now using the symbol as a somber memorial to students lost on sunken South Korean ferry.

Korean pop idols Park Kwang Hyun,  model Hye Park, and singers Bada, Kim Chang Ryul, and 2AM’s Jo Kwon have also joined the campaign.

Company workers are also returning directly home from work, abstaining themselves from drinking or having dinner with their co-workers or friends out of respect for the bereaved families and victims of the disaster.

Source: Busan eFM News




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