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Famed Irish bar/restaurant that started in Seoul and has since moved to Busan in December 2010. Along with a wide variety of beers, they have a great menu, breakfast all day on weekends from 11 a.m. until whenever.

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The Wolf Comes to the Beach

By Andrew Murphy


After great success in Seoul’s Itaewon district, Irish pub and restaurant, The Wolfhound is opening a location in Haeundae this weekend. The buzz about a new place to catch a buzz and grub in Busan is meeting its maker. Cheers.

BUSAN, South Korea – This weekend marks the opening of the 2nd Wolfhound Irish Pub & Restaurant here in Korea. The new pub is located just a few minutes walk from Haeundae Beach, while the first, which opened in June of 2006 and has been a hit ever since, is in the heart of Seoul’s Itaewon district.

The Expat/Korean-owned pub decided about six months ago to make the jump to the port city. Co-owner Wayne Gold is excited about the move here.

“We always wanted to expand, and Busan was a logical choice as it is the second largest city in Korea. Funny thing is though, the KSU area was our first choice, but while looking in both areas, we found our current location (Haeundae) and the price too hard to pass up, so we went for it,” said Gold, adding,  “The venue is great. With being so close to Haeundae Station, and even closer to Korea’s most visited beach, it seemed like an easy choice.”

In Itaewon, The Wolfhound Pub, also known as ‘The Wolf’, is a staple of the community, known for their good food, large selection of imported draft beers and strong double Jameson’s ("no bullshit pour"). Their burgers, fish & chips and all-day breakfast are the most popular food items, while Guinness, Cider and Jameson top the list for drinks.

Bringing the flavor of the Itaewon Pub to Busan, however, has not been an easy task.

“First, the logistics of getting some of our imported beers and our menu items/ingredients in Busan has been challenging,” said Gold.

Not only are the residents here in Busan eagerly awaiting this Saturday's opening, but it seems like there is more than just a buzz up in Seoul as well. After booking their own bus, approximately 60 loyal customers will make the trek from Seoul to Busan for the opening, with the majority being part of what is called the ‘Sunday Funday Crew’.

The people that are the most excited for ‘The Wolf’ to open are the owners themselves — excited for a new city, a new challenge, new customers, and making new friends.

The Fish and Chips, one of Wolfhound's signature dishes

When asked to describe The Wolfhound Pub in five words, Gold replied, “Our slogan in Seoul is ‘Come for the food, stay for the party!’ We hope to re-create the same model in Busan. I know that’s eight words, but it’s the best I can do.”


The Wolfhound Pub will open at 4 p.m. on weekdays, and 11 a.m. on the weekend. And don’t worry if you wake up late — they serve breakfast all day.

Directions: From Haeundae Subway Station, exit number 5, walk straight for about 300 meters towards the Beach. They are on the right, on the 2nd floor, about 150 meters before the beach.

Phone: 051-746-7913
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