Winter Wish List for Conspicuous Consumption


Chaumet Timepiece

You were going to attend that kimchi making exhibition…really, but that old watch of yours once again let you down. You need to upgrade, man! Do it right with a French made Chaumet. They got their start as the favored jeweler to Napoleon, so they likely know what they are doing by now. They start at about $6,000 on the low-end, but isn’t learning how to make kimchi worth it? Check their site for stores around Korea.

Audi A8 Spider
Sure, you love to call mom and dad back home and tell them what a great public transportation system Korea has here. Why not allow mom and dad to enjoy a deeper sense of pride by telling them you bought a brand new A8 Spyder? Public transpo is great and the intent often noble, but most of the emissions here get blown west by the sea anyway. Live it up. Only $203,000 at

Crystal Rocked Covers

You’ll be wrapping yourself up this winter to keep warm so, you might as well wrap up your devices to keep cool. Crystal Rocked brings the bling-bling to everything from your iPad to your iPhone, from your headphones to your microphone. You can get a 24-carat gold plated case or a crystal-studded version offering all manner of means to bring attention to your high priced, high tech devices. The phone case will run you about $350 and the tablet case (for both iPad and Galaxy) just under $2,000.

VOGA Wines

While vanity hungers attention, what is it to do with its thirst? VOGA. Leave it to the design merchants in Italy to transform the wine bottle into a whole new form. It resembles a perfume bottle, but thankfully differs greatly on the taste and is the cheapest wish on the list. They’ve got you covered from Pinots to Merlots. Around $25.

Bose Speakers

It’s winter –the perfect time for some warm, soothing sounds while relaxing at home. Break out that bottle of VOGA wine, plug in your crystal-encrusted iPod Mini and let the Bose speakers do the rest. Before long, the Beach Boys become prophets and their good vibrations etch away at any remembrance of the cold outside that Johnny Mercer sang of again and again…and again, to get his girl to stay the night. It will run you about $500 for the set, but its cheaper (and a tad more practical) than burning money to keep you and your honey warm.

$40 Moisturizer

As the winter winds turn your skin into the Gobi Desert, why not get away from that cheap stuff you’ve been using? London’s Molton Brown, though not exactly the most soothing name, makes several soothing lotions for a nice departure from Vaseline Intensive Care. With natural oils and fragrances, Molton Brown has a hefty enough price tag to impress your friends who go snooping through your medicine cabinet as well. Sold in most department stores or online.

Versace Vanitas Fragrance

A good coat is not the only thing that can help you keep warm this winter. Next time your out at the norae-bang or the night club, a little spritz of Vanitas could very well lead to some additional warmth on those cold winter nights. It’ll run you over a $100, but unlike your coat, you can wear Vanitas throughout the year. And you can tell your friends how the name Vanitas represents 16th &17th century art from northern Europe. Available at finer stores across Korea.

Couple Rings

If you are going to buy all of the items on the Winter Wish List, you are going to be throwing around some serious cash. In turn, members of the opposite sex are going to be throwing a lot of attention your way. And there is no better way to seal the possibility of a future long-term deal than with couple rings. It says to that special one, who loves you for the Audi, that you revel in their materialistic nature, and your soul shares their perspective on the fashion show that is life. Prices vary, available all over.


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