Willem Dafoe, the Canadians, AP & Trying to Remember


BUSAN, South Korea – The evening started off simply enough. Chevy and I in front of the Family Mart training him how to record video with my camera. This may seem elementary but, as some of you may remember, it was Chevy who I handed my camera to in the Lotte Giant’s dugout in hopes of getting a good photo of myself and baseball legend, Lee Dae Ho. Chevy took a choice shot of our stomachs, totally cutting out our faces–you can understand my concern as we prepared to go to the Willem Dafoe press conference.

We went up to the ninth floor of Shinsegae, Dafoe and his girlfriend, director, Giada Colagrande, took the stage and the invitation only group of 30 or so media folk started with their questions. The translator was noticeably nervous sitting next to Dafoe. She slurred and stuttered a few times and I laughed to myself. Then my turn came to ask a question.

While it may not show on the video (nice work Chevy!) when Mr. Dafoe was speaking to me, I felt really nervous, too! It was as if his movie persona was who I was speaking with, the intimidation was palpable and I felt like Harry in Spider Man getting lectured by my magnate father.

Apparently my Green Goblin question made it to the Assoicated Press, who ran a story "Willem Dafoe says he Proud of Green Goblin Character"

The whole thing worked out, the session ended, and we all approached the stage to take photos of Dafoe and his girlfriend Colagrande. He asked me where I was from. “San Francisco,” I replied and then asked him what he was doing for the night. He said they would eat, I gave him my card and that was that.

More of Chevy's masterful photography

Willem Dafoe and the Canadian Party

Tharp, Chevy and I decided to crash the Canadian embassy film party at Novotel. I got there first and was met by a massive group of screaming schoolgirls shrieking as varied movie and pop stars exited from another party that was just ending. I took a quick video of some really pretty guy leaving the scene and the schoolgirls going nuts, then headed upstairs to rock out with the Canadians.


Just outside the entrance to the party stood Willem Dafoe and Giada Colagrande. He recognized me and we started talking. Giada’s friend was lost and they were waiting for her. Ended up chatting it up for about 15 minutes on everything from his dislike for the new nomination system for the Academy Awards, to his hatred of TV and love of a good book.

I found him to be a very nice guy, though there were several of my typical Bobby-irreverent-sarcastic comments where I could see he would have been just as well had I left him alone. Fair enough.

Giada’s friend called and they were going to leave to meet her. I saw them to the elevator and gave a stupid wave and bow as the door closed. Then I realized: shite, I didn’t get a picture! I raced down the stairs and managed to catch them before they got in a cab and snapped one myself (which looks like crap) before asking Giada to take a photo of Willem and I. She is a movie director after all. Sweet.

After they were gone I looked a the photo, and the great lines from Turtle in Entourage came immediately to mind:

"The bigger the head, the bigger the star. Russell Crowe, big head! Tom Cruise, big head! Arnold Schwartzeneger, big head ! Vincent Chase, big big head."

Willem Dafoe: Big head!

Tharp and Chevy eventually showed up and we drank and ate it up with the Canadians. American Consul Tyler Allen was there. Great guy, and about as pure as the driven snow. We always run into each other at these big events where the alcohol and food flow free. And he is kind enough to remind me what we talked about the last time we met. America could not be better represented.

Tharp, his lady, Chevy and I, were literally the last people to leave the party as you can see here in the photo of Tharp being followed out by a member of the Novotel staff.

We followed "The Hat Guy" (Korean movie producer Shin Dok) to Elune and everything is a bit fuzzy from there on out. Though I do have vague recollections of telling Sam Neth he should travel around the world and that for some reason I am very special. Ahhh, the liquid fruit.

Day two of PIFF. Fantastic. Now tonight the issue 9 launch party at Eva’s and a lot less drinking. Still haven't seen a single movie. I am awesome.





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