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Will Lee Dae-ho Stay or Will He Go?


BUSAN – Lotte fans biggest fear may come true this winter. The big question around Sajik all season has been: Will Lee Dae-ho leave?

Pro scouts from Japan have been spotted numerous times around the Lotte games this year, obviously there to see big number 10. The 260 pound slugger is once again on top of most power charts, and his leadership has been stellar on the teams recent rise back to the top. The question on most people’s mind is: Is the big man happy?

Lee lost his salary arbitration case at the beginning of the season, where he asked for 700 million won, though had to settle for 630 million. While 70 million may not seem like a lot to him, the point of actually going to arbitration with his team may be a contentious one.

Lotte cited his “ his lack of fielding ability, the team’s standing (4th) and to ensure fairness among other players,” as their reason for not agreeing to the massive raise, something surely not to sit well with Lee.

Lee, who turns 30 next year, may want to test the free agent market this winter. Rumors have it that he may be wearing a Lotte jersey once again – albeit in Japan for Lotte Chiba.

Rumors around the baseball blogosphere mention that Lotte Chiba’s relationship with Lotte in Busan may give them the advantage over other Japanese teams in the hunt for his services.

Where that will leave the Giants is anyone’s guess right now.




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