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Wheeling and Dealing – ODE at Monk Jazz Club in Changwon!!!!


Yo yo yo yo…. The Mighty One Drop East descends upon an unsuspecting Changwon this Saturday night. Ground Zero for Groove will be Monk Jazz Club in Sangnam-dong. The downbeat is at 9pm sharp… and afterwards we'll all head to O'Brien's for some brews and late-night shenanigans.

Now for the Wheeling and Dealing – Tickets are 15,000 won… but if you book with us in advance, you get a free Corona to sip on while you ponder what exactly makes Russell so sexy! That's a 7,000 won value… so it's basically halving the price of the ticket.

We'll add to that deal further and offer the first 20 people who book in advance a copy of our CD, On Home Ground, for half price (5,000 won)! So when all is said and done, you could be getting away with paying only 3,000 of a 15,000 ticket!

Damn! What a deal! To book in advance, figure out how many tickets you're going to 'steal' and transfer the appropriate amount of cash (15,000 per ticket) to:

Busan Bank
Account: 201-12-013653-3
Account Holder: ???

Then email our beloved manager, Soo, your name and how many tickets you paid for ( You will receive your Corona at the show… and should you desire a discount CD (they make great stocking stuffers!) we'll have your name to verify you qualify.

Fine Print: no refunds or exchanges… discount cds are limited to the first 20 sold at the discount price… limit one discount cd per pre-sale ticket bought.

Get down with the One Drop this Saturday at Monk!!!



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