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Welcome to Haps 3.0



Welcome to the new Haps 3.0 website, your home for all the best information around the Korean peninsula!

After months of hard work and development, Haps is pleased to launch its new and improved 3.0 website! Our new website offers a crisp, clean look with even more sections, stories, features and guides and a larger directory to find out where to go and what to do.

Haps 2.0 was launched at the end of February 2011, and the time came for us to change it up a bit to offer our readers a faster, easier and much more aesthetically pleasing viewing experience. After using our 2.0 Drupal site designed by  Dan Himes, we’ve changed over to  WordPress and it cleaner, easier to use interface.

What’s New at 3.0?

RIP Haps 2.0: 2011-2014
RIP Haps 2.0: 2011-2014

First of all, we’ve aimed to make your searching and reading experience much easier. As articles have been broken into categories, tags and button categories, the new site is much easier to navigate around. Additionally, we’ve added a much easier Directory for our readers to find what they are looking for down to different districts in the city, and according to your search preference.

We’ve also changed our ever-popular event calendar, without the cluttered look of the old site. The new calendar is much cleaner, and will help you keep updated on the best events happening around the city. The Weekender will still be a big part of our site, though with a new look to get you where you want to go to enjoy what’s happening around the area each weekend.

We’re still tinkering around with the site, but new additions to the site in the near future will also include a shopping zone where you will be able to conveniently shop online and have your purchases delivered to your door.

Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us with any feedback you have about the site.

Hope you take the time to surf around and enjoy the new website!

The Haps Team


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