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Welcome To The Jungle

-RealizeRecords "New Family Show"

@ Club Realize (KSU)

Welcome To The Jungle (Realize Records Show)

Welcome To The Jungle

-RealizeRecords "New Family Show"

@ Club Realize (KSU)

2011. 4. 9 SAT Start Around 9PM @ Club Realize
Entrance Fee : 5,000 Won With a Free Drink

(Event ends at 3am~!)

——You can Choose a Free Drink—–

300cc Draft Beer
Realize Cocktail
Mountain Dew
Ginger Ale

A show to welcome new artists joining the label.

This week's show will feature three new additions to the Realize Records Family:

The modern, dreamy sound of Korean Post-Grunge band "Lied" (Pronounced "Lit")

EmoCore Heavy Groove Metal band "Velvet Coast", Who were hailed by audiences, to have the appeal of "a combination of both emotion and power".This regard is readily displayed!

Also we have the honour of welcoming another new addition, "Hound". With unrestrained, powerful performances of extreme metal and other elements of the rock scene, expect this band to drop riffs and beats like nuclear bombs!

Sometime in May we will be releasing some debut Limited Edition EP's. Along with new tracks from Realize Records and Busan 24Crew veterans; Gwamegi, To My Last Breath and FatalFear as well as other National and international artists that are part of a unique record label, based in Busan Korea. This show is to welcome both them and you to the new "growing" family of Realize Records. (Who you should be able to catch a few tracks of at the show) If they aren't playing live, their music will be played during the show, along with some well known contemporaries! (Requests also welcomed)

Thanks for reading, Hope to see you down there @ Club Realize (Straight out Exit 1 Kyungsung, turn right, right again and its just past the long island bar, on the 5th floor above King King Bar)


Korean translation follows~

???? 24Crew ? Gwamegi , To My Last Breath, FatalFear ? ??????? ?? ?? ?? ????? ??? ???? Realize Records? ??? ??? ?

??? ???? ???? ??!! ?????? ???? ?? ?? ? ??!! Hound

??? ??? ????? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??Post Grunge ?? Lied

??1?? ????? 1Take Demo? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? EmoCore+ Heavy Groove Metal ?? Velvet Coast

5?~6?? ??? Limited Edition EP ? ?? ??? ??? ?? ? ????.
?????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ??????!!


??? ???? ????? ???? ??? Realizine
? ???? ??? ??? ?? ??????.
————-" Realizine" Special Price Menu—————–
Jack Coke <Coke+Jack> 4000 Won
Jack Shot 3000 Won
Black Tooth Grin <Coke+Jack+Yager> 6000 Won

Contact us:
010-9417-4135 (Jinsu)




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