[VIDEO UPDATE] Busan Subway Fire CCTV Feed Released


UPDATE: The City of Busan transit authority released raw CCTV footage of the subway fire last month. You can see the video below.

Original Story

BUSAN, South Korea — Forty passengers were taken to local hospitals this afternoon for smoke inhalation when a running subway train caught fire on line one.

The incident happened around 2:06 p.m. when electric sparks ignited a fire on one of the power suppliers of the northbound subway train heading toward Daeti Station on line 1, authorities said according to Yonhap News.

"Sparks were flying from the exterior part when the train was about 200 meters away from the station," a railroad engineer was quoted by the fire authorities as saying. "Passengers were evacuated as soon as the train arrived at the platform."

The fire was put out after 20 minutes, though service was shut down for an hour.

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