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Busan Veggie Fest this Weekend in Nampo Dong

Saturday 10th of May a new festival of fine vegan and vegetarian food, and great music takes place in south Busan, and all are invited explains Sunny Yun as she rolls out pastry flat on a board next to a heating oven.

We were just going to invite friends to help record the video of the new song ‘Hey Food,’ but then we realised it was a golden opportunity to invite the whole vegan/ vegetarian community – and anyone who would like to try some such food for the first time – to be a part of the musical fun and feast says Yun.

We decided to see if two of our favorite restaurants would like the idea, and they were both instantly supportive and generous she adds while placing a large dollop of spinach and cashew nut mixture onto the pastry. Now, even a third local vegan restaurant wants to support the festival by offering generous meal coupons as prizes for the best ‘veggie’ dishes people bring to share.

Burger Kong’s in Jurye and Jack and the Beanstalk near Namcheon Station are offering gift vouchers as prizes, and Loving Hut in Dongdaeshin-dong is supplying vegan kimchi and meal gift vouchers, she says with astonishment as she slides the tray into the oven.

While the pie cooks Sunny explains more about the song and the festival, adding: The song ‘Hey Food’ is a rewrite of the Beatle’s famous ‘Hey Jude,’ but with lyrics supporting Paul McCartney’s NGO and movement for Meat Free Mondays, which is huge throughout Europe and in other countries. We are going to make a music video available before McCartney’s visit later this month to honor his great work in this area. All are welcome to join in.

The Busan Veggie Fest: Saturday, May 10, from 5.30 to 8pm at PromiseLand performance cafe in Daecheong-dong (between Jungang and Nampo-dong).

Bring your favorite non-meat and dairy-free dish to share.

Prizes for best dishes will awarded by three supporting vegan restaurants.

The event will end with an open-mic performance party, including a live recording of a fun, easy singalong song on Meat Free Mondays.

Vegan kimchi will be available, as provided by Loving Hut in Dongdaeshin-dong.

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