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Updated: List of Busan Events and Festivals Canceled or Postponed


BUSAN, South Korea — The City of Busan has decided to cancel or delay 20 cultural sports events, except some international events, in the wake of the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

The city is also considering cancelling or delaying 15 other events, while officials are also considering downsizing the scale of the events. In total, there are 45 events scheduled for the first half year.

Plans also include indefinitely delaying 10 events, including the International Dance Festival, which officials can still promote through schedule adjustments.

More additions to the list will be published as more updates become available.

List of Upcoming Event Cancelations or Postponements 

Galmet-gil Meets Art – Canceled

Busan Lotus Lantern Festival – (April 18 – 27) – Canceled

Dadaepo Fountain Light Show – Canceled indefinitely

Gijang Anchovy Festival – (April 24 – 26) – Canceled

Gadeok Mullet Festival – (April 25, 26) – Canceled

Gamcheon Culture Village Festival - (April 25 – 27) – Canceled

Gwangalli Eobang Festival – (April 25 – 27) – Postponed

UN Peace Park Flower Festival - (April 28 – May 6) – Canceled

Southeastern Radiation, Science Industrial Complex Groundbreaking – (April 28) – Postponed

Busan Citizen’s Park Opening – (May 1) – Proceeding but Scaled Back

Busan Super Cup Yacht Race – (May 1-5) – Postponed

Joseon Tongsinsa, Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange Festival – (May 2-4) – Canceled

Nam-gu Oryukdo Festival – (May 3-4) – Postponed

Busan Science Festival – Postponed to May 3





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