TVing App Now Faster and More Convenient

 Latest update allows the same user interface and user experience on Android, PC Web and iOS.

Korea’s No. 1 content provider, CJ Hellovision, recently announced that it has updated the popular TVing app for iOS. The announcement falls in line with the highly popular release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ in Korea.

The new update offers some major changes to the online video streaming app. One great new feature allows you to easily browse other channels or related video on demand while you’re watching another video on the main screen.

This lets you avoid the bothersome closing of the main window in order to search for other content. This, in addition to the Crayon feature, allows you to easily navigate to your favorite channels without the hassle of switching back and forth between screens.


Another added feature is “Mini-view,” in which you can preview content before you purchase it.

The new update also provides a more convenient and tailor-made interface to match users’ needs. For example, if you choose “TV Mode” you can resume watching your most recently viewed channel.

“Radio Mode,” which allows you to listen to a channel without video, is another great feature for those looking to limit the cost of data consumption on their monthly bill.

Click the “Fan” button on your favorite show and you will automatically be notified when a new episode is available. The new design additionally offers a simple and convenient interface with easy-to-view thumbnails, which mimic cover flow and allow you to pinch in/out for easier viewing while browsing content.

User experience team manager Jang Ki-hyeong says, “Following the previous two updates, one for Android and the other for PC Web earlier this year, this is our third major update for this application. This is part of the project that we try to allow the user experience to adjust to the N-Screen service. We expect users to be satisfied with our efforts to keep our applications updated with the new iOS.”




CJ Hellovision is a media partner of Haps Magazine 





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