Turning Back the Clock on Your Skin


If you would like to get back some of your youthful glow, there is a wide variety of safe, effective methods to help you do just that.

Even in the new year, the enthusiasm for having a ‘baby face’ is still in high demand – especially for the middle-aged, who claim, “We’re no longer ma’ams and sirs,” and have a high demand to look younger. With a higher demand for people wanting to regain their youthful look, anti-aging cosmetics and procedures have started to receive a lot of attention. ‘Anti-aging’ literally means ‘preventing from aging,’ or in other words, ‘aging prevention.’

The cause of skin aging is a drop in the moisture and layer of fat. Facial skin wrinkles deepen and the chin line loosens because moisture and layers of fat in the skin decrease, while collagen and elastin also are reduced. In addition, aging of the face diminishes not only skin but also bone density, which causes smaller face bones and loosening skin layers. That is the main reason for sagging skin. Gravity also takes skin down, which can cause wrinkles. But there are emerging procedures – thread lifting and stem cell water light shot – that can help you fight the war against wrinkles.

Although the existing wrinkle elimination and ‘facelift’ surgeries are the most effective procedures, in fact, long surgery time and fear of scarring are the drawbacks. Thread lifting, which overcomes these shortcomings, has recently been in the limelight.

Thread lifting is a procedure that involves inserting PDO threads, which are harmless to the human body and dissolvable, into the inner skin layers. It directly reduces face wrinkles and does not have an incision process because it is a nonsurgical procedure, which leads to its high preference due to less burden for patients. Lately, the operative technique has improved: there are various new V-line lifting procedures, such as whirlwind lifting, which includes bumps on the threads, and the omega lifting, which smooths furrows and fine lines on the targeted areas.

For sagging, wrinkled skin, which is less resilient as it gets older, stem cell water light shot becomes a good alternative along with thread lifting. While normal water light shot usually injects fine hyaluronic acid into the skin, which fills it with moisture to make it more resilient, stem cell water light shot transplants your own stem cells from fat into your skin. Stem cells are extracted by state-of-the-art equipment and then injected into your skin.

Stem cell water light shot enhances resilience of the skin and is effective on wrinkles near eye rims and fine lines on your face. It also lifts, illuminates and moisturizes the skin, as well as enhancing skin tone. Unlike normal water light shot, stem cell water light shot has semipermanent durability.

Plastic surgeries to overcome shortcomings and help recover confidence are effective. However, safety is as important as deciding which procedure to receive. Anti-aging plastic surgery can help you regain your lost youth through simple procedures. However, the way to have a satisfying result is to have a specialist with plenty of experience, knowledge and know-how perform even the simplest procedures.

Good Moonhwa HopitalDr. Hyung-do Kim is a doctor at the Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center at Good Moonhwa Hospital. He specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, micro surgery, liposuction, and transplantation of fat. For more information, contact the department coordinator, Seo Mi-young, at 051-630-0123.




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