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Trip pop



BUSAN, South Korea – Sporting giant, full head-masks of varied fuzzy animals, this four-piece band runs the musical gammet from weird to wired. But they do so with an immense complement of musical talent. It may be hard to take them seriously on first sight, but they are all accomplished musicians on a quest. Just what that is from the point of view of presentation is hard to say, but musically, De!nial is solid.

They will make their way to Busan this week as the group stops in for a show at The Basement in PNU on Thursday the 25th as part of their tour across Korea.

They have toured in Europe to packed houses and have earned the reputation for being eccentric showman, but tight players. The music ranges from techno, to punk, to radio static.

There are moments during their mid-song jams when the offbeats take so sharp a departure from 4/4 that you think they are lost. They're not –just another trippy groove and unexpected sound effects for the full-on frazzle dazzle. Hypnotic at times, you can't help but bounce up and down.

They remind me to some extent of another Japanese band, "10," that opened for Carsick Cars at The Basement a few weeks back. But "10" is only two people putting out the tripindicular. There as De!nial doubles it, with live drums and guitar.

Their song "Minus Algorithm" starts out as a cheesy sci-fi intro and shifts quickly into Devo on methamphetamines. Their most popular tune "Tokyo Dance" is a dazzling array of varied synthesized sounds including a mock siren that builds into a funky little trounce beat that renders you helpless to do anything else but get on the floor and dance –especially once the instrumentally driven chorus kicks in. It is quite infectious.

Going through their videos online it was a little unsettling with the comical outfits, but there is no denying De!nial–these folks are pure musicians putting out some wild and admirably arranged compositions. Albeit, on a deep step into the unusual.

Check out their MySpace page for more.



To get there: The Basement is located in PNU. Take subway line 1 to the Pusan National University station. Head towards the main gate of the university and make a right on the one-way street just before you get there. Basement is about a city block up the one-way street on the right hand side. Tickets are $15 at the door.




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