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Trip to Hyundai Heavy ind. in Ulsan

English Worship Service Team  of Baekyangro Church is planning the first theme trip in 2011 on 09 April. The places of our joyful trip will be Hyundai Heavy Industries which is  representing Ulsan’s well advanced industries as No. 1 shipyard and diesel engine manufacturer in the world and Deawangam Park which is cherishing the legend of the queen of Munmu, and the King of Silla, who died and became a dragon to guard the nation. Especially, the cherry blossom road from the entrance to the park, and many inimitably and distinctively shaped rocks under the lighthouse are mesmerizing.

 Why don’t you join us? We are ready to present a joyful day to you.  

 Theme Trip for Foreigners

When:   09(Sat.) April, 2011 

Where: UlsanHyundai Heavy Ind.+ DeawangamPark

Who:    Anybody who wants to be with English Worship Service Team of BaekYangRoChurch

Registration:  Please inform your participation to Mr. Sang-Jin Jeong(Mobile: 010-7298-2554) or Mr. Soo-Ho Bae(Mobile: 010-3586-0830) no later than 05 April for joining the tour.


08:30  Gathering at Bujeon Station (Busan)

09:00  Departure by a train

10:30  Arrival at Ulsan station & move to Hyundai by a bus

11:00  Watch a Hyundai’s introduction film & Shipyard tour

12:00  Visit Korean traditional house(Guest house of HHI)

12:30  Move to Restaurant & Lunch

13:30  Move to Daewangam Park

15:30  Move to Ulsan station

16:00  Come back to Busan by a train

17:30  Arrival at Bujeon station(Busan) and farewell






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