Trick Art Optical Illusion Exhibit


BUSAN, South Korea – The MBC building in Buam-dong is the temporary home to the Trick Art Museum, which is only in town until the end of February. Inside you’ll find a slew of paintings – some which are famous works by artists such as Da Vinci and Van Gogh. Others are just plain creative, but these aren’t meant to be simply admired. Trick art is created to entertain the audience and get them involved.

If you have ever desired to be in a Van Gogh painting (and who hasn’t?!) then here’s your chance to jump in to the frame and be live art. You can also prove to your friends on Facebook that you did indeed paint the Mona Lisa, and fulfill that life long desire of pulling down Michaelango’s David’s boxers.

Maybe you despise fine art. In that case, you can finally punch a painting, or spill something on it without getting into trouble for it, all while making sure you capture each of these moments, because this is what the exhibit is all about – fooling the eyes of the viewer and getting a great laugh while doing it. The exhibit consists entirely of photo ops, so if you don’t have a camera, you just might find yourself a bit bored.

It’s suitable entertainment for people of all ages: couples, children, friends and families. Even people who are usually camera shy will take this opportunity to jump into the shot due to the fun it creates. After all, it’s not often that you can become part of the art yourself.


The writer, Ann Jaimi Alexander (left) and a few friends enjoy the mens room display

Trick art is also about optical illusions – taking pictures that can later be rotated and cropped to make the viewers actually take a moment to wonder if you really are sinking in the black hole, and how you ever managed to hang off the side of a high-rise building.

The variety is overwhelming, even if the lighting leave a lot to be desired. Follow the camera symbols on the floor to get your optimal photograph, and the employees will also offer to take the pictures for you.

About 40 different photo ops create this entertaining exhibit, offering a couple of hours of wholesome fun for only 12,000 won. It’s also an ideal field trip for children of all ages, where you are able to present students with the opportunity of learning about visual perspectives and the illusions it can create.


Period: Through February 27, 2011 
? Venue: MBC Trick Art Exhibition Hall (Buam-dong) 
? Opening Hours: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
? Tickets: 12,000 won for all
? Website: (Korean Only)






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