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Travel Diaries: Crashing an Indian Wedding

NEW DELHI, INDIA — Third day into my Indian adventure, exploring every nook and cranny of Delhi, and a little bit after sunset i’m walking down one of the many narrow, yet vibrant side streets that snake around the city, and I from the distance I hear the irressistibe sound rhythmic thud of a tabla. Naturally, as curiosity is my middle name, I venture forth and as I approach the sounds grow louder, and in addition to the drums I hear women chanting, dancing and ululating, inside a tent. Approaching the door I notice a largish guys standing at the door, and ask him, a total stranger ‘can I check it out’ and to my surprise he says ‘yes’. So we go in, and its a pre-wedding celebration at the grooms house, and to make matter even better they invite us (with my wife) with open arms, curious to see ‘foreigners’ interested and stocked about Indian cultural mores and ways of life. We hit it off from there and lo and behold, later that night they invite us to the main wedding the next day! Off-course we obliged……and presented here are the photos from the next night at the wedding.

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