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Completion of Geoga Bridge Connecting Busan and Geoje

Top Municipal Achievements 2010

Completion of Geoga Bridge Connecting Busan and Geoje

– The 8.2 kilometer Geoga Bridge connecting Gadeokdo Island in Busan with Jangmok-myeon in Geoje opened on December 14, 2010. Construction was started in December, 2004 at a cost of $2.6 billion. The cheer-leading channel, Arirang, described the tunnel portion of the bridge as such: “The Gadeok underwater tunnel, in particular, is garnering special attention from construction industries around the world as it was built using some of the finest techniques no other country has achieved before.” So, there you go.


Completion of Subway Line 4

The 12.7 KM stretch of Metro Line 4 was completed in December, but will officially open to the public next March after test runs have been completed, and construction will also start on a rail connection between Sasang and Hadan in 2011. Daegu and Kwangju, eat your hearts out!


Foreign tourists exceeds 2 million for the second year in a row

While the actual population of Busan continues to shrink to the tune of about 200 people a day, we can be thankful that more and more tourists are coming. The percentage of tourists leaned heavily towards Japan, followed by China and the U.S.


The former U.S. Army’s Camp Hialeah was opened to the public, slated for redevelopment as "Citizens Park"

Located in Busan's Nam-gu district, the 133-acre installation served as the main receiving point for supplies, equipment and other goods slated for delivery to U.S. military installations in South Korea since 1950. Before that it was used as a training facility for the Japanese Imperial forces. This past year it was temporarily opened to the public from April 24, 2010, and is now being put together as a citizens park.


Reclaiming Waterfront Areas

The ecological recovery of the city’s streams and the completion of the ecological park in Hwamyeong, as part of the Nakdong River Restoration Project. With people moving out, it is nice that we are making room for the birds and the fish. This is my personal favorite accomplishment of the year past.


Other stuff worth a mention:

- Busan National Science Museum (June, 2010)
Opening of the Busan International Foreign School (August, 2010)
– Breaking ground on the National Maritime Museum (January, 2010)
- Hwangnyeong Tunnel becoming toll free (Oct. 2010)
– Opening of The Dongnam Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences – created to specialize in cancer treatment and radiological research (July 2010)
The 2nd phase of the Seoul-Busan KTX Line connecting Daegu with Busan, reducing the travel time from Seoul to Busan to just 2 hours and 18 minutes.


To see the city's complete "Top 10" list go here.





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