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Three of the Best: Bingsu in Busan

설빙- Seol Bing Dessert Cafes

Popping up all over Busan, this franchise uses traditional and seasonal ingredients, and their ice is made with milk and finely shaved to resemble snowflakes. All bingsu comes with extra condensed milk on the side. Red bean is available on the side, too.

THE BEST: Strawberry ( ddalgi) bingsu, with sliced strawberries and strawberry sauce, 9,500 won

RUNNERS UP: Cheese bingsu, with chunks of New York cheesecake and cheesecake ice cream, 8,000 won. Mango cheese bingsu, with chunks of mango and cheesecake and mango syrup (coming soon for summer)

Multiple locations around Busan (Seomyeon, Nampo, PNU, Hwamyeong, Millak and more). Look for the distinctive hanja emblazoned pottery bowl logo.

Café Bing Bing Bing

Using organic and simple, fresh ingredients, these bingsus are lower in sugar and calories. They have seasonal bingsu (differing between stores), depending on what’s fresh and healthy: well-being bingsu. Order your red bean on the side if you’re missing it.

THE BEST: Lemon bingsu (June – July) – lemonade meets bingsu! 7,700 won

RUNNERS UP: Milk bingsu – available all year. Tangerine bingsu – available only in the fall. All 7,700 won

Three locations: Nampo Dong,  Haeundae Marine City and Jeonpo Café Street in Seomyeon. Look for the cute penguin logo.

A Twosome Place

As far as the big franchise coffee shops go, A Twosome Place has the best range and combinations, and their sandwiches and cakes are some of the best in town, too.

THE BEST: Tiramisu bingsu, with coffee and slices of tiramisu cake, 10,500 won.

RUNNERS UP: Yogurt berry bingsu, with frozen yogurt and mixed berries, 9,800 won. Green grape mojito, with green grapes, lime and mint (non-alcoholic – boo!), 9,800 won

Multiple locations around Busan





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