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Scavenger Hunt 3.0 – What It Is

It’s baaaa-aaccckkk! Busan’s very own scavenger hunt is a day of pandemonium like no other. The concept is simple: teams are given a list of photo and video challenges to complete in the allotted time. Points are awarded based on completion of the challenges. New in 2013, some challenges will include a secret location, and others will include an online component. Participants can also live tweet their experiences using #huntbusan. But enough about the hunt itself – this day is all about fun.

The hunt is a great excuse to dust off your favorite costume, grab a few road beers and prance around Busan without a care in the world, said shameless veteran of the hunt Adam Pegrum.  Kindergarten teacher Rob Chrisman added, The scavenger hunt ranks among my favorite days spent in the city, a sentiment echoed by a number of participants. The scavenger hunt is a great day to meet people, see new parts of the city, and be ridiculous, all in the name of shenanigans. That being said, it is a competition.

When asked what it felt like to be victorious, one of last year’s champions replied, [The best part was] running around with friends solving riddles, like how do you get an ajumma to pose while taking 10 won for a grape. That type of creative problem-solving, along with a little bit of strategy, is what teams need to win the hunt. Putting on a silly costume can set the mood for the day, but don’t underestimate the competition.

Cancel your plans, call a babysitter whether you have kids or not, and get to Eva’s Ticket on Saturday, October 5th. The scavenger hunt is the most escapade-filled day of the year. Start thinking about costumes, find a digital camera, and START GETTING PUMPED!

To sign your team up, go to the event webpage here.

Event Details

- Starts at 1:00 p.m. sharp, Saturday, October 5th at Eva’s Ticket in KSU.

- Teams of five, 5,000 won per player (25,000 won per team)

- Each team must have an empty digital camera (photo and video) with USB cable. NO PHONES!

- Prizes for first, second, and third place, along with a team costume contest

- Pre- and post- Hunt food and drink specials at Eva’s Ticket



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