The piglet and the bicycle: BCA Film Festival returns


Leonardo DiCaprio’s star power is now out-classed by a piglet and the common bicycle. Pigs and bikes are the true stars of this year’s most interesting, important new film fest. Korean premiers, a shiny new location, and the DiCaprio produced sleeper hit Cowspiracy: this year’s BCA film fest has something for everyone, including three new movies that challenge, inform, and entertain.

Locking up her bicycle and striding into Nampodong’s smaller, cozy Bridge cafe, “Sunny” Sungyeong Yun cheerfully greets the owner, combs fingers through thick hair, and slips into a seat. Sunny is a manager of the Busan Climate Action (BCA) not-for-profit NGO’s film festival. She shares a bubbly enthusiasm about the movies playing in the festival’s second year.

“The two local films share themes of love, conflict, and change within Korean society, although one sees a typical city family grow to love a family of pigs, and the other is about loving the fun and ease of cycling on Seoul city streets,” says Yun.

An Omnivorous Family’s Dilemma stars director Yun Hwang’s own typical Korean city family as she confronts life and death while birthing and bonding with her own infant son and, strangely, a family of pigs. Conflict and humor arise when her husband, despite the obvious irony of his being a veterinarian, continues to want to eat meat, while she sees the need for change and starts to think, feel, and eat differently. Dilemma screens Friday, 6th of November, from 7pm, and a Q&A session with director Hwang from Seoul follows the screening.

English speaking piggy cycliste
Top: Sungyeong Yun of the BCA Film Festival ’15. This image: Donsoo the free, bike-riding piglet, mascot of this year’s BCA film fest. Art courtesy of Jeongmin Lee.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is the festival’s second feature film. Fully bilingual Sunny speaks with a rueful smile of the challenge of translating the subtitles last year, and the subsequent and fortunate surprise that demand to see the movie has grown in Korea and around the world since first screening it then.

Sunny explains the second movie supports the first with its similar general theme but brings an international flavor; Cowspiracy has a fact-based approach where Dilemma offers thoughtful reflection on culture and personal change.

Now updated in a new edition produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and released to English speaking countries via Netflix, it is a rare opportunity for Korean speakers to see this intriguing, ground-breaking film. Cowspiracy screens 1pm, Saturday, 7th November.

Saturday’s premier feature also challenges commonly accepted city life culture: Bike , City follows the wide range of people involved within the rapidly sprouting cycling scene in Seoul. Sunny describes the movie as dealing with the lack of laws and dedicated cycling lanes to support the obvious alternative to solo drivers taking huge heavy inefficient cars short distances. The oft over-emphasized perception of danger versus the reality of the ease, convenience, and fun of cycling in the city are highlighted. The movie screens 3pm on Saturday, 7th of November, and a Q&A with director Miyun Kong follows.

This year’s BCA film festival is held in the Busan Community Media Center, opposite Centum City’s KNN building. Sunny adds an invite to be sure to purchase tickets online or by bank transfer: due to building management policy door sales are not available. This also includes the festival launch party, a vegan canapes/ finger-food dinner party from 6pm.  

Both Korean movie directors are attending for interviews and Q&A sessions immediately following the screenings. To celebrate the launch of the film festival and director Hwang Yun’s visit, a vegan canapes dinner party will be held. The party is supported by three popular local vegan restaurants Jack and the Beanstalk, DaJeon, and Loving Hut. Locally based vegan and very talented guitarist Robert Coates of popular local band Bravo Jackets will provide music.


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