Feature: American Major Leaguers Talk About the Korean Style of Baseball

With the Lotte Giants in Korea and the San Francisco Giants in the States, Bobby McGill is a Giants fan on both sides of the Pacific. He recently talked to some San Francisco Giants about their perception of the Korean style of baseball.

During a wildly popular three-year tenure at the helm of the Lotte Giants, former manager Jerry Royster would sometimes muse on the fact that while he played an impressive 16 years in the Major Leagues, it wasn’t until he came to Korea that he got a chance to play golf with visiting former President George W. Bush and later, with Colin Powell. Royster said that would never have happened back home.

My own story of contrasts on either side of the Pacific is not quite as cool.

As a business reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner back in the late ‘90s during the dot.com boom, I never had the good fortune of getting a press pass to a San Francisco Giants baseball game. It wasn’t until the Lotte Giants granted me an all-access pass to write about the team from behind the scenes in 2011 that I would have the honor.

The one-sided Giants’ equation in my life was finally remedied on a trip back home this past summer, when my friend, and San Francisco Chronicle sports editor Al Saracevic, hooked me up with a press pass for game two of the four-game Bay Bridge Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s.

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