Taxi Driver Arrested For Trying to Teach Teen Girl a “Life Lesson”


A Busan taxi driver was arrested after going to far in trying to teach a teenage girl a “life lesson.”

The 15-year-old girl took a taxi from Seomyeon to Saha-gu late at night on the 20th last month when her 58-year-old taxi driver asked her, “Would you be scared if I tried to kidnap you?”

The girl was returning to her home from a concert at 2:20 a.m. by herself.

The driver apparently asked her twice about being kidnapped and when she felt threatened, she jumped out of the taxi about 500 meters from her house and jumped out and ran.

She told her parents who visited the police station next day.

The driver insists he had no intention of kidnapping her, yet wanted to teach her about how dangerous it was to be alone at night.

The police charged him with threatening a female passenger in a taxi.




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