Take the Quiz: Are you a Veteran Expat in Busan?

Think you’ve been here in Busan a long time? Take the quiz and see how many you can cross off the list to call yourself a veteran expat in Busan. Good luck!
  1. You’ve bowed to or spoken Korean to another foreigner.
  2. You remember when Busan only had 1 subway line.
  3. You were here before the Gwangan Bridge was built.
  4. You remember when the bars closed at midnight.
  5. You know where the original Thursday Party was opened.
  6. You’ve seen snow on the ground in Busan.
  7. You’ve taken the slow train to Seoul.
  8. You had a “beepie”.
  9. You know who Lee Hyo-ri is.
  10. You can understand a lot of the Korean “yok”, or swear words.
  11. You remember when coffee shops had telephones at the table.
  12. You attended a World Cup football match.
  13. You know what IMF means here.
  14. You have more Facebook friends here than back home.
  15. You’ve been to the Seaman’s club.
  16. You know which major fast food chain used to be here a long time ago but no longer is.
  17. You went to the Walmart here.
  18. You experienced typhoon Maemi.
  19. You stood in line for the telephone booth in front of Judie’s Taewha.
  20. You know what the “heart attack” is on Texas Street.
  21. You’ve been to a Hollywood Star or the Blues Bein.
  22. You know what the Dallas is.
  23. You’ve hiked every mountain in the city.
  24. You know the name of the former US army base in Busan.
  25. You know what Babopalooza is.

How did you score?

21-25 – Congrats! You’re an expert on experiencing Busan’s past and have obviously been here a long, long time!

15-20 – Well done! You obviously know the city well, but you still have a ways to go to be considered an old-timer — which may not be a bad thing.

10-14 – You’re on your way to becoming a veteran expat. You might need to do a little more research but you’re getting there.

0-9 – Still a newbie! You still have a long ways to go.

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Prosecutors have requested an arrest warrant for former President Park Geun-hye on Monday in Seoul


Underground Highway From Haeundae to Gimhae Airport in the Works

The construction of a 22.8 kilometer underground highway from Gimhae Airport to Haeundae will be promoted to coincide with the opening of Gimhae New Airport in 2026.


Ha Ha Hole Returns Friday With a New Theme

The monthly Ha Ha Hole returns this Friday night and it’s looking for female comics to take center stage.


New Zealand’s ‘Moses’ to Perform at Basement this Friday

Psychedelic shoegaze from New Zealand, Moses, will be performing in Busan Friday, March 10, on the Busan leg of their Whareama album release tour.


Up to 2,000 People Expected to be Involved in “Black Panther” Shooting

Around 2,000 people are expected to be involved in Marvel Comics “Black Panther” shooting in Busan.


Recruiting for 2017 Global Gathering Booth Operators and Performance Teams Underway

The BFIC is pleased to announce that Booth and Performance Registration has now commenced for Global Gathering 2017.


Nearly Half of Korean Men Suffer Hair Loss in Their 20s

Nearly half of Korean men begin losing their hair in their 20s according to a recent survey.


4th Busan International Boat Show Begins Today

The nation’s favorite boat festival sets sail for the fourth year.


Eat Like a Local: Brunch with Me, Sunshine – Maison de Mare in Songjeong

Maison de Mare is a sun-drenched paradise, and even on a rainy day, the view is beautiful and romantic. Their homemade style food, brunch, salad, pizza and tongasu will add to your happy memories.


Lunch Special at Nongshim Hotel’s Naedong Restaurant

The Nongshim Hotel is offering a special lunch menu set at its signature Korean restaurant, Naedong.


BIWA to Host Mardi Gras Ball in April

The Busan International Women’s Association is hosting a “Mardi Gras Ball” on Saturday, April 22nd at the Haeundae Grand Hotel.


Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival to Run April 1-10

The 55th annual Jinhae Geunhangjae Festival will be held from the 1st to the 10th of next month in the areas of Jinhae-gu in Changwon City and Joongwon Rotary.


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A recent survey by Expedia Korea has shown that Guam is the preferred choice for Korean family vacations.


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The voyages are designed to offer opportunities to explore the wonders of UNESCO World Heritage sites and to participate in some of Japan’s largest and most celebrated cultural festivals and special events.


Sajik Stadium to Charge Parking From this Year

Drivers will have to pay for their parking at the attached parking area of Sajik Stadium starting from the next month.


Giants to Have Two Lee Dae-ho ‘Cheering Zone’ Home Games

The Lotte Giants, will have a special “Lee Dae Ho Cheering Zone” at the opening home game on April 4th and the first weekend home game on April 8th.


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