Book Launch Party for "TrailBlasian" :: Save the Date
8 weeks 3 days ago

TrailBlasian is a book about 17 women who decided to do the unconventional. They picked up and moved from their familiar and comfortable homes in the Western world to venture into East Asia for adventure, love, a career break or make-over, or simply to try something new. The stories of Black women living as global citizens is something you rarely ever read about. In fact, such stories go untold in spite of many black women thriving in East Asians countries yearly. 

Join me, Kenya Evans, one of the women...

A Tale of Two Cities: Ansan and Itaewon
9 weeks 9 hours ago


Ansan, the ‘Multicultural City’; Itaewon (though technically not a city), the ‘Western Town’. What distinguishes them as "foreigner" areas in an otherwise largely homogenous Korea...

Gimhae to Ease Airport Security for US Bound Passengers
9 weeks 6 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Passengers bound for the United States from South Korea's Gimhae International Airport in Busan will be exempted from a last-minute security inspection by the end of the year. 

In the latest round of bilateral talks with the United States' Transportation Security Administration held in Incheon in May, the two sides reached a final agreement to remove a second security inspection for passengers bound for the United States, including Guam and Saipan,” the...

Chinese Tourism Up 66% This Year
10 weeks 1 day ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- The number of tourist visas issued by South Korea to Chinese visitors jumped 66.1 percent on-year in the first five months of this year, the South Korean Embassy here said Monday, as more Chinese people visit South Korea due to the gradual appreciation of the yuan currency and a rising popularity of K-pop culture. 

South Korea issued 1,140,000 visas for Chinese tourists from January to May this year, compared with 686,225 for the same period last year....

The Charms of Changnyeong County, Part II: Bugok Hot Springs
13 weeks 3 days ago

This famous town is well worthwhile as the crowning place to go after visiting Changnyeong-gun’s more strenuous sites. However, since it is only an hour by bus from Busan’s Sasang terminal,...

KLM Unveils First Fully-Flat Business Class Seating
17 weeks 2 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Starting this month, World Business Class travelers with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines can enjoy comfortable seating that’s never been offered by any other carrier. All 747-400 aircraft in the KLM...

Tracking the Black Crested Macaque in Sulawesi
17 weeks 3 days ago

SULAWESI, Indonesia -- My eyebrows barely had time to fall back to their normal position when I asked an excitable local to repeat himself. “I ate bats with Bill Bailey!” he repeated, referring, presumably, to the British...

TRAVEL: The Ao Nang Vacation Soundtrack
21 weeks 17 hours ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Warm white sand beaches, tropical sun beating down, waves rolling in gently from an endless blue sea. Thailand is Paradise. Once you've waded through the garish ladyboys, offers of Thai massages, and testosterone-fueled fire shows, there is an incredible amount of good music. I had the chance to spend some time with a few of the local...

Capturing Kansai: Photos of the Faces of the People that you Meet
26 weeks 3 days ago

KANSAI, Japan -- Since living in Korea from February 2011, I’ve spent my week-long winter vacations in Japan, with the last two being in the Kansai region, flying in and out of Osaka.

I had become a keen street photographer since my first visit to Asia in late 2009, but just prior to my second visit to Japan, I had acquired a mirrorless camera with fixed lenses. The depth and quality of the images I could produce led me into focusing more on portraits.

Photo Essay: Ice Fishing Gangwon-do
27 weeks 5 days ago

The large area that was a lake freezes solid until spring.

The ice, more than a foot (30cm) thick, took considerable time to hack through. Some people brought power tools to move the process along.


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