K-POP Cinema Exclusive Theater Opens
1 year 15 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- The K-POP Cinema Exclusive Theater to see the performances of K-pop stars in 3D has opened in Busan. The exclusive theater for K-pop is prepared for foreign tourists visiting Busan from Japan and China. 

The theater opened in the first basement level of Busan Cinema Center has 34 seats and shows the live recording of K-pop stars' concerts, and 
 3-D glasses give a vivid impression under the illusion of being live.

You can check...

Shaking Up K-Pop: The Emerging Empowerment and Sexuality of Korean Girl Groups
1 year 33 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Tired of “Gangnam Style” and its numerous parodies? Finding it difficult to keep track of the hordes of pretty girl groups and boy bands, many of whom can’t actually sing? Wondering why you should...

Exclusive: PSY`s Anti-America Protesting Past?
1 year 38 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- The talented 34-year-old rapper Park Jae-sang, known better to the world as PSY, has been a controversial staple of the Korean music scene since his first full-length album, ...

K-pop World Festival a Big Success
2 years 36 weeks ago

CHANGWON - The 2011 World K-pop Festival was held in Changwon on December 7th, with over 10,000 fans packing the Changwon Venodrome. The festival was organized by KBS TV and Changwon City in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Presidential Council on Nation Branding.

The festival brought 21 teams from 16 different countries, including Vietnam, Argentina, Peru, England, and Japan, and 10 teams made it to the final round. Over 30,000 people from...

After School Ready to take on Japan
3 years 10 weeks ago

After School, the nine-girl K-pop group is about to take Japan by storm. They plan to debut in Japan on July 17th, while also releasing a single album on August 17th.

After School made their debut as a group on December 29th, 2008 at the SBS song festival "S" alongside Son Dam-bi. They made their first live debut a month later on MBC's Music Core.

The will officially debut with a Japanese version of "Bang!", while their first solo concert will be held at Akasaka BLITZ in...

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