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Is Busan Set to Join Seoul With Gangnam-Style Tourist Police?
28 weeks 2 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- The city of Busan is apparently set to become the second city in the country to establish a "tourism police" force to help protect tourists from being ripped off in the city according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The "tourism police" made...

VIDEO: PSY Booed Off the Stage at Italian Cup Final
1 year 11 weeks ago

ROME, Italy -- It wasn’t exactly what you would call a stellar week for PSY. 

The Korean rapper who took the world by storm last year was booed loudly at the Italian Cup final ceremony between Roma...

PSY Nominated in Six Categories at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards
1 year 17 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- South Korean singer PSY has been nominated in six categories for the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. 

According to the website, PSY is one of the finalists for Top New Artist, Top Streaming Artist, Top Streaming Song, Top Streaming Video, Top Dance Song, and Top Rap Artist. 

Billboard said the finalists were chosen based on album and digital singles sales, radio airplay, and social media...

Feature: PSY`s New Video Banned by Major South Korean Broadcaster
1 year 17 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- A day after its release, I wrote about PSY’s new video “Gentleman.” The title of the article posed a simple question: Was the content of the 3:54 clip...

PSY`s New Video: Making Obnoxious Cool? Or a Clever Piece of Satire?
1 year 18 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- When I first heard PSY's new song, "Gentleman", I thought, “Meh, nothing special... not bad.” It will appease the big fans and is impressive enough for me that I won't turn the dial...

Preview of PSY`s New Song: Will it be Another Hit? Decide for Yourself
1 year 18 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- One has to sympathize with PSY. Forget the millions of dollars he’s raked in, his deification by the world, or his sunglassed image being forever branded on the brain...

Haps Top 10 Stories of 2012
1 year 33 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- As the year finally comes to an end, we want to look back at what made headlines in 2012 with our most read articles of the year.

In all, Haps published 675 articles for the year, including local news, features, sports and tons of events around the city. We would like to thank the countless writers, photographers, sponsors and contributors for allowing us to bring you the best information and stories from around the city and local area.

We have a few...

Exclusive: PSY`s Anti-America Protesting Past?
1 year 38 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- The talented 34-year-old rapper Park Jae-sang, known better to the world as PSY, has been a controversial staple of the Korean music scene since his first full-length album, ...

Psy Bringing Gangnam Style to BIFF
1 year 45 weeks ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Korean singer-sensation Psy is bringing his "Gangnam Style" to the Busan International Film Festival, with a scheduled performance on October 6th during “Lotte Night”.

According to Lotte, one of the event organizers, Psy will be performing at the Busan International Film Festival and local and international media is taking notice as crowds are expected to be huge, hoping to catch a glimpse of the now world famous star.


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