Busan Zoo Under Fire for Missing Animal
14 weeks 1 day ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- One of the three wild goats that escaped from "The Park" zoo on the opening weekend has not yet been found according to local reports, igniting anger over the treatment of the animals and the overall safety of the zoo. 

Officials at The Park said it had caught three wild goats which escaped their cages between small cracks in the fences on May 4th in two to three hours after they escaped, but it was confirmed that one wild goat is still wandering around...

YG Entertainment Revises Controversial 2NE1 Song After Insulting Muslim Community
22 weeks 5 days ago

SEOUL, South Korea -- YG Entertainment has revised a controversial song which insulted Muslims in Korea and around the world this week.

The song, "MTBD", a new release by K-pop giants 2NE1, featured a 14-second sample of Hafiz Mohammad Thaha al-Junayd performing a...

CockAsian Korean Spicy Chicken Truck Ready to Roll Despite Hard to Swallow Name
23 weeks 3 hours ago

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- When entrepreneur Candie Yoder sought out a name to describe her Korean spicy fried chicken truck, she settled on CockAsian. It seemed to her (as a Caucasian cooking Asian food)...

Korean Civic Groups Protest Takeshima Day
25 weeks 4 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- South Korean civic groups staged rallies in Seoul on Friday to denounce Japan's claims to South Korea's easternmost islets of Dokdo as a local government in Japan prepares to hold an annual event to bolster its territorial claims. 

The rallies came a day before "Takeshima Day," which Japan's Shimane prefectural government has observed on Feb. 22 since 2005 to lay claim to the rocky islets located in the East Sea. Dokdo is known as "Takeshima" in Japan....

Korean Netizens Crash Website Protesting Figure Skating Decision
25 weeks 5 days ago


BUSAN, South Korea -- A controversial decision in the women's figure skating final where Korea's darling of the ice Kim Yu-na was awarded a silver medal instead of the gold has sent the Korean netizens once again on the Internet warpath.

More than 1.5 million angry fans flooded's website since the decision and crashed the...

VIDEO: Korean Basketball Coach Under Fire for Ordering Player to Tape His Mouth During a Timeout
26 weeks 2 days ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Apparently in South Korean basketball, it's not a good idea to talk back to your coach. During a timeout in Sunday's Korean Basketball League game between the league's defending champion Ulsan Mobis Phoebus and Anyang KGC, Ulsan coach Yoo Jae-hak, who is also the Korean national men's team basketball coach, took exception to forward Ham Ji-hoon's comments and ordered his mouth taped shut while also hurling expletives at the player.

Local Internet...

NC, Changwon City Clash Over Stadium
28 weeks 7 hours ago

BUSAN, South Korea -- Changwon City, which had clashed with the NC Dinos over the location of Jinhae Baseball Park, has called on the baseball team to decide whether it will use the baseball park or not, at a press conference yesterday, February 4th. 

The official at the press conference said it would cancel the construction of the park if the Dinos sent an official document to the team stating it will not use the park. 

The Dinos responded by saying it had no...

Female Footballer Embroiled in Gender Controversy
40 weeks 5 days ago


SEOUL, South Korea -- It's rare that the domestic women's soccer league makes the sports headlines, however a scandal over a female player's gender has brought the league into the spotlight this week.

Park Eun-sun, a 26-year-old striker for the Seoul City Amazones has been accused by six coaches of being a man, with the rivals going...

Was Bieber a Butthead in Seoul? Singer Accused of After-party Assault
44 weeks 2 days ago

SEOUL, South Korea -- Canadian singer Justin Bieber is being accused of assaulting DJ Michael Woods' tour manager, Alex Madden, during an after party at a nightclub in Seoul this weekend. The party's host, Ben Baller, told TMZ that a heated exchange ensued after Bieber requested that Woods spin some hip hop music, but stopped before any punches were thrown.

According to...

Korea Herald: Viral Video of Expats Abusing Korean Girl was Staged
1 year 5 weeks ago


UPDATE: A website has posted photos of the Bedlam Bar where the film was allegedly shot. See comparison shots here. (H/T to commenter.)


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