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Sweden Dental Offers the Perfect Implant

We all have the same doubts when we visit the dentist: Do I really need all this work done? Is that really how much it costs? Should I get a second opinion? Finding a doctor who puts those fears to rest is a difficult task.

So, you leave a bit longer than you should between checkups; you ignore that sensitivity in your molar every time you eat something too hot or too cold. Before you know it, you need a filling, maybe a root canal and a crown, or even worse for your wallet, an implant.

It’s time you met Dr. Young-taeg Sul, a highly educated and experienced dental implant specialist you can trust. The testimonials on his website and elsewhere all echo the same sentiments: he clearly explains each step of your treatment, he’s trustworthy, his English is excellent, he’s friendly and professional, and he ensures his patients don’t experience any anxiety or pain.

Dr. Sul graduated from Seoul National University in 1987 and worked as a dentist at his own busy private clinic in Changwon. After seven years working as a clinician, he yearned for a new challenge.

Life isn’t all about money. Life should be creative, he says.

The field of dental implants was very new to Korea at that time — so new that it wasn’t taught when he was at university. So, he decided to go straight to the source: Gothenburg University in Sweden, home of Dr. P.I. BrÃ¥nemark, the ‘Grandfather of Dental Implants.’

Swedent Dental Busan Korea

While Dr. Sul studied, he discovered his love for research and has since received over 20 international patents for his innovative titanium implant designs. He completed his PhD in 2002 and went on to join the faculty of his alma mater in Sweden as an associate professor, a position that he still retains.

However, after almost two decades abroad and two children to put through MIT, it was time to come home. In 2012, Dr. Sul arrived in Busan and set up his private practice, Sweden Plant Dental Clinic in Centum City.

From the minute you walk through the door into the stylishly decorated reception area, the manner of his staff is reassuring and professional. Certificates and awards adorn the walls, along with photos of a smiling Dr. Sul posing with American troops, celebrating with colleagues abroad and traveling with his family. In person, he’s extremely likeable and relaxed, chatting about his love of research, his dreams of being a philosopher and his pride in his family. He says he misses the kind of close relationships doctors and patients have in Sweden, where you might greet each other with a handshake or a hug rather than a bow and mumbled hello.

The 18 years living in Sweden has definitely influenced his concepts of patient care, another of his selling points. In Korea it’s often hard to get the full picture from medical professionals, and patients generally accept the word of a doctor without question. However, Dr. Sul doesn’t believe in keeping his patients in the dark; he doesn’t accept the notion of no questions allowed, as he phrases it. He tells me about patients who have come to him saying they’ve been told by another dentist that they need an implant, only to find an extraction was not required. He refuses to do unnecessary and expensive procedures and is genuinely frustrated with doctors who provide substandard care.

At Sweden Plant you’ll find a welcoming and professional doctor who believes in providing his patients with all the information they desire, enabling them to make informed decisions about their own care. As he says, information is everyone’s property.

Sweden Plant Dental Clinic is located on the 9th floor of the Imperial Tower in Centum City, right next to the subway station. Call 051-746-2076 or visit them on the web:  



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