Superman Drops U.S. Citizenship


BUSAN, South Korea –Well, it looks like the man of steel is giving the U.S. a steel middle finger by renouncing his U.S. citizen ship in the 900th issue of the long running comic book released last Wednesday.

As the story goes, Superman flies to Iran to nonviolently support Iranian dissenters who are peeved at the mad Mullahs who have been repressing them since 1979. When he returns stateside the U.S. government is furious with Superman for interfering in U.S. policy. The government then denounces Superman publicly for a pointless intervention. The national security advisor to the U.S. president berates Superman saying that the Iranian government mistakenly believes he was sent to Tehran by America and considers his actions an act of war.

This doesn’t sit well with Superman so, in a fit of anger, he tells the national security advisor that he is fed up with being draped in the red, white and blue. 


The right wing wingnuts are of course condemning the move as a leftist plot. Fair enough, the guy does have great pecs, and parades around in a skin-tight body suit. It was only a matter of time before he eloped to Hawaii with Batman. Damn liberals!

Conservative columnist, Cal Thomas, writing for his FOX news blog, not only believes it to be a liberal lambasting of American "values," he also thinks that comic book readers are idiots. “‘Construed?’ Would comic book readers have heard of such a word? This storyline sounds as if it was written by an acolyte of the Obama administration.”

Another conservative columnist Warner Todd Huston, not wanting to miss a chance at some solid liberal-bashing chimed in as well. He wrote: “Just like all liberals, it is easier to stand up against the USA than it is to stand up to any real oppressors. Just like all liberals this Superman hates the USA more than terrorists, more than tyrants, and more than despots because it is easier to attack the USA than it is to solve the problems presented by real evil.”

Yeah yeah yeah.

While I don’t see it as a leftist plot, there have been several recent incidents of the lefties seeking to liberalize the comic books.

In December of last year Batman Comics created a Muslim superhero in France. And not long after that the makers of the new Captain America movie announced that in overseas release they intended to remove the name “Captain America” from movie promotional items. The films director, Joe Johnston, claimed that the Captain America in his film would not be a “jingoistic American flag-waver.”

Since Superman is pretty much an illegal alien (like the right wants us to believe about Obama) this is really not that big of a deal. And like many illegal aliens, Superman does the work that Americans are unwilling to do so, why don’t we leave the guy alone?

Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, is disturbed with this whole "globalist trend." Nice.



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