Super Sketch Returns


BUSAN, South Korea – Described as a ‘hookup between artists and musicians” Super Sketch brings together art and music through the prism of a special concept or theme that allows party goers to enjoy an extra sensory audio visual experience. Both the art and the music is live, which adds to the feeling that you’re actually part of the art itself.

At Super Sketch the audience is treated to a mash up of high energy live music performances while live visual art is projected onto overhead screens simultaneously. The effect is almost hallucinogenic. Everywhere you look there’s something to feast your eyes and ears on.

Along with the music and visuals, Super Sketch parties also feature a craft market where various pieces of the artists work on display are sold, and the Super Sketch collective offers screen printing services and individual artists to create promotional work, as well as custom embroidery services.

Super Sketch takes place July 23rd at Fabric in Kyungsung. Advance tix are $16 and $20 at the door. For more info check out:



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