Subtitle-Reading Service for ‘Cinekids’ Program


The 20th Busan International Film Festival’s Wide Angle program for children, ‘Cinekids’ is enriched by the participation of actress Kim Hojung, Moon Sori, and actor Yoo Ji-tae.

Starting last year, BIFF introduced the ‘Cinekids’ program to screen 6 films tailored to a children’s point of view during the festival. The subtitle-reading service will be provided to children who cannot read film subtitles through a live dubbing from actors Kim Hojung, Moon Sori, and Yoo Ji-tae. The three readily accepted the offer to donate their voices to vitalize the viewership from younger generations.

3 out of 6 selected films will be dubbed with The Incredible Story of the Stone Boy by this year’s BIFF Sonje Award jury member and highly acclaimed actress from Revivre Kim Hojung, Trenk, the Little Knight by Moon Sori who was invited to the Wide Angle section for her directorial work  and the jury member for the Actress of the Year Award this year, and Raven the Little Rascal – The Big Race by Yoo Ji-tae who is actively engaged in various areas of the Korean film industry as director and actor. The three of them will read Korean subtitles for the featured films in the presence of the audiences at Haneulyeon Theater in the Busan Cinema Center. The subtitle-reading is expected to deliver a special, friendly and unforgettable experience to children.

The ‘Cinekids’ selections include Boonie Bears: A Mystical Winter, an animation series of Boonie Bear which gained immense popularity in China, Dumbo, a classic Walt Disney animation of a baby elephant, Rainbow, an adventure and coming-of-age drama of two kids that take a journey to meet the Indian actor Shahrukh Khan, Raven the Little Rascal – The Big Race, an adventurous animation of animal characters in the forest, The Incredible Story of the Stone Boy, an animation that features Mexico’s unique diverse colors and exciting songs and Trenk, the Little Knight, a 2D animation with varied colors and diverse characters.

Children under the age of 6 are usually not allowed for admission in theaters; however, 3 films with the subtitle-reading services will be open to all family members to offer a special screening experience.

Cinekids Screening List (6 Films)

Boonie Bears: A Mystical Winter (Animation)

Director: DING Leon (China)

Bramble, a cute, timid bear living in pine forest bumps in to the spirit of the winter, the guardian in the legend his mother used to tell him. He goes on a spectacular adventure with friends to protect his village and the spirit of winter.

Dumbo (Animation)

Director: Ben SHARPSTEEN (USA)

Dumbo is a baby elephant who is always picked on by his circus friends for his exceptionally big ears. One day Dumbo’s mother gets into trouble and a life changing opportunity is presented to Dumbo. Timothy, Dumbo’s kindhearted circus friend teaches him how to fly with his big ears. Dumbo’s big ears, once his biggest complex in his life miraculously turn him into a flying elephant and bring fame.

* Korean-dub screening

Rainbow (Feature)

Director: Nagesh KUKUNOOR (India)

Two siblings aged eight and ten living in one of the poorest areas of India traverse across Rajasthan to fulfill a promise the elder sister made to her little brother. The Indian actor Shahrukh khan holds the key to achieving their goal. Their journey to find Shahrukh Khan is a mixture of laughter, tears, adventure and affection. The featured dancing and songs cannot be missed.

Raven the Little Rascal – The Big Race (Animation)

Director: Ute VON MÜNCHOW-POHL, Sandor JESSE (Germany)

Raven (crow) destroys food baskets his friends saved for the winter by mistake. He has to win the racing competition prize money to fill the empty food basket,. The forest where racing competition takes place is full of surprises and Raven learns priceless lessons.

* Subtitle-reading by YOO Ji-tae

* Director Ute VON MUNCHOW-POHL is expected to attend
The Incredible Story of the Stone Boy (Animation)

Director: Miguel URIEGAS, Miguel BONILLA, Jaime ROMANDÍA, Pablo ALDRETE (Mexico)

Living in a small town in Mexico, Marina and cousin embark on a journey to turn the stone boy into human form. The splendid colors and exciting songs keep you entertained through their journey. The cute characters are not to be missed.

* Subtitle-reading by KIM Hojung
Trenk, the Little Knight (Animation)

Director: Anthony POWER (Germany, Austria)

10-year old Trenk and his family are teased by an evil landlord. Landlord suggests Trenk that if he defeats a fearsome dragon that threatens to enter the village, the landlord will listen to his wishes. Trenk starts training with a sword bigger than his body to fight off the dragon. Kids will enjoy watching diverse characters and 2D animation colors.


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