Strong Winds, Rain Cause Property Damage Around Busan


Strong winds and heavy rains have caused property damage and canceled flights in Busan this morning.

Emergency services around the city received 23 calls between 8:30 am and 9:30 am about property damage.

A Busan Bank signboard, which was 4m x 7m, fell from a 10-story building in Yeong-do onto a parked car and also smashed into a window at a chicken restaurant underneath and also caused damage to a second floor business.

In the early morning, strong winds led to trees falling near the front of Baekyang Tunnel in Busanjin-gu.

Strong winds have also led to police controlling the entry of trucks onto the Namhang and Busan Port Bridge.

A sinkhole was also reported in front of a coffee shop in Saha-gu.

A total of 17 flights were also canceled this morning, including 15 domestic and two international flights from Gimhae Airport.

The weather agency has predicted that rain and winds will subside by mid-afternoon.



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