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SEOUL, South Korea -- South Korea will offer 5 million US dollars in relief aid to the typhoon-ravaged Philippines and send a team of relief workers there, the foreign ministry said Tuesday. 

South Korea to Aid in Relief of Philippine Typhoon Victims

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea will offer 5 million US dollars in relief aid to the typhoon-ravaged Philippines and send a team of relief workers there, the foreign ministry said Tuesday. 

The government decided to provide the Philippines with assistance in cash and relief goods including food, blankets and tents, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. 

The goods will be shipped to the country after the Philippine government’s approval, which is expected to take a day or two. 

‘The aid decision has been made, considering the seriousness of human and economic damage from the typhoon, and our old and close bilateral relationship,’ the ministry said. 

As part of further relief aid, Seoul will also dispatch a team of relief workers to the country, including 20 medical workers and 14 emergency rescue workers. 

The Korea NGO Council for Overseas Development Cooperation, the council for local non-government groups, will separately offer 1 million US dollars in aid to the Philippines, adding that the decision was made during the joint government-private meeting held earlier on Tuesday to discuss ways to help the country.

The super typhoon Haiyan pounded the central Philippines with strong winds and heavy rains on Friday. Estimates of the death toll stand at around 10,000 people killed. 

Prime Minister Chung Hong-won also extended his consolation to the Philippines, vowing to muster efforts to help the country. 

In a cabinet meeting earlier today, the prime minister said, that in regard to emergency rescue and damage restoration, (South Korean officials), led by the foreign ministry, are advised to closely cooperate with the Philippine government. 

Source: Busan eFM News

How Can You Help? (Via the Huffington Post)

If you know of any charities or events in the local area to donate, please list them in the comments section.

World Food Programme 
WFP has allocated an immediate $2 million for Haiyan relief, with a greater appeal pending as needs become apparent. The UN organization is sending 40 metric tons of fortified biscuits in the immediate aftermath, as well as working with the government to restore emergency telecommunications in the area. Learn more here.

Red Cross
Emergency responders and volunteers throughout the Philippines are providing meals and relief items. Already, thousands of hot meals have been provided to survivors. Red Cross volunteers and staff also helped deliver preliminary emergency warnings and safety tips. Give by donating online or mailing a check to your local American Red Cross chapter. Learn more here.

The Philippine Red Cross has mobilized its 100 local outposts to help with relief efforts. Learn more here.

The relief organization is sending medical aid for 20,000 survivors, including antibiotics, wound care supplies and pain relievers. AmeriCares is also giving funds to local organizations to purchase supplies. Learn more here.

World Vision 
The organization is providing food, water and hygiene kits at the evacuation centers. World Vision was also still actively responding to last month’s earthquake in Bohol, which luckily was not struck by the eye of the storm. Learn more here.

ShelterBox provides families with a survival kit that includes a tent and other essential items while they are displaced or homeless. Learn more here.

Anticipating that children will likely be among the worst affected by the typhoon, UNICEF is working on getting essential medicines, nutrition supplies, safe water and hygiene supplies to children and families in the area. Learn more here.

Salvation Army
100 percent of all disaster donations will be used for relief efforts and ‘to immediately meet the specific needs of disaster survivors.’ Learn more here.

Save The Children
The organization has sent relief kits for children and families, including household cleaning items, temporary school tents and learning materials. Learn more here.

Doctors Without Borders
The organization is sending 200 tons of medical and relief items, including vaccines, tents and hygiene kits. Learn more here.

Operation USA 
The Los Angeles-based nonprofit is sending much-needed water purification supplies to victims and seeking corporate partners to help with delivery. Learn more here.





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