Sonic Boom From Worst to First



BUSAN, South Korea – Taking a page out of the playbook of baseball's Lotte Giants, Busan's pro basketball club, the Sonic Boom, have risen from the ash heap to finish 2nd in the league with an impressive 40-14 season. Ulsan Mobis defended their regular season victory crown taking first place in the standings for the second straight year, while the KCC Egis finished in third place –the same spot as 2009 when they went on to win the KBL league crown.

American Jasper Johnson was the difference this year for the Sonic Boom, along with new head coach, Chun Chang-jin. Johnson spent the entire season amongst the top five scorers in the league finishing third with 19.5 points per game.

Eight of the top ten shooters in the KBL were expats drafted from abroad. Currently there are twenty-six imported players and three coaches amongst the ten teams in the league.

The playoffs kickoff March 10th. 

Top Regular Season Scorers:
1. Stevenson, LG Sa. 21.9   
2. Daniels, KT&G K. 21.0   
3. Johnson, Sonic B. 19.5   
4. Hill, Daegu Orions 19.1   
5. Leather, Samsung . 18.8   
6. Dixon, KT&G K. 17.5   
7. Johnson, KCC Egis 17.2   
8. Seo, ET. 17.1   
9. Kim, Dongbu Promy 16.3   
10. Chandler, Dongbu P. 16.2  


Final KBL Standings:
1. Mobis Phoebus 40-14   
2. Sonic Boom KT 40-14   
3. KCC Egis 35-19   
4. LG Sakers 34-20   
5. Dongbu Promy 33-21   
6. Samsung Th. 26-28   
7. KT&G Kites 16-38   
8. SK Knights 16-38   
9. ET Land B.Sl. 15-39   
10. Daegu Orions 15-40




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