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‘Soju Addicts’ File Suit Against Alcohol Companies, Regulators

One complaint in the suit is that warning labels “are too small to read”, say plaintiffs. This begs the question: would a good pair of prescription glasses solve the problem?

Taking a page out of the American smoker’s playbook, The Korea Observer reports that 26 “soju addicts” have filed a lawsuit in Seoul Central District court against leading soju producers Hite Jinro and Muhak asking for 2.1 billion won ($2.06 million) in damages. The lawsuit also names  Korea Alcohol Industrial, the central government, the National Health Insurance Service and the Korea Alcohol & Liquor Industry Association.

One of the plaintiffs was quoted as saying, “We have become alcoholics because they failed to warn the dangers of alcohol, adding, Liquor companies carry out massive advertisement campaigns, but their warning labels on liquor bottles are too small to read.

Whether this  will all be settled with the disbursment of prescription glasses remains to be seen –unlike the supposedly too small warning labels on soju bottles.

The complainants also reportedly demanded that the government launch a PR campaign to raise awareness about the problems with alcohol addiction.

The last time such a suit was filed was back in 2005 against Jinro soju and the national government, arguing that regulators were not doing enough to curb the country’s drinking culture.

In 2012 CNN reported that Jinro soju was the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world





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