Smokers Trying to Avoid Graphic Images on Cigarette Packs

Image: Korea Ministry of Heath and Welfare

Smokers in Korea have been resorting to some interesting tricks to avoid the new graphic images on packs of cigarettes around the country.

After the law came into effect last December 23, cigarette packs in Korea are sporting one of 10 graphic images showing the harmful effects of smoking.

Yet, smokers have been either asking to buy “old packs” without the labels or have been buying cigarette cases, which cover up the graphic images.

Sales of cigarette cases are up 674% since January on the Internet site Auction. The DuPont store in Lotte Department Store sales of cases have gone up 200%, and inventory is now sold-out nationwide with a one month waiting list.

Case makers are profiting on the trend by marketing women’s pouches and animated characters in addition to their regular lines.




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