Seomyeon was the Most Visited Tourist Place in Busan in 2016


Recent statistics showed that Seomyeon is the most popular attraction in the city for tourists.

According to the 2016 Busan Tourism Industry Trend Analysis Data, Seomyeon was ranked number one with 15.94 million visits.

Second was BIFF Plaza and Yongdusan Park with 12.87 million, followed by Jagalchi and the International Market with 11.32 million, Haeundae Beach with 10.1 million and Jeonpo Cafe Street 8.49 million visitors.

Foreign visitors to Busan also had the top five tourist spots in order — same as Korean visitors.

The western part of Busan saw the largest increase as Amisan Observatory, Dadaepo Beach and Eulseukdo rose the highest in terms of percentage of new visitors.

Yonggungsa, Taejeongdae, Beomosa Temple and Dongbaek Island and Nurimaru saw the steepest decline in percentage of visitors.

By region, Gyeongnam province had the largest amount of visitors to the city, followed by Seoul, Ulsan and Gyeonggi Province.

Data was collected based on mobile phone roaming data. Statistics were also duplicated depending on length of stay by day.

Busan’s Top 20 Tourist Sites by Visitors in 2016

  1. Seomyeon
  2. BIFF Square, Yongdusan Park
  3. Jagalchi, International Market
  4. Haeundae Beach
  5. Jeonpo Cafe Street
  6. Centum City
  7. Dongbaek, Nurimaru
  8. Gwangalli Beach
  9. Marine City
  10. Citizen’s Park
  11. Millak Subyeong Park
  12. Gamcheon Culture Village
  13. Dalmaji
  14. Songdo Beach
  15. Amisan Observatory
  16. Songjeong Beach
  17. White Hall Culture Village, Yeong-do
  18. Let’s Run Park
  19. Daedaepo Beach
  20. Korea National Maritime Museum



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