Self-Publishing Workshops Coming to Seoul and Daejeon


    SEOUL, South Korea — These days, anyone that’s written a book can get published on Amazon, Apple, and elsewhere. Simply writing a book, however, doesn’t mean it will get seen – or bought – by the masses. It’s also not a get-rich-quick scheme – there’s more than a few things to learn about the business, marketing, and the technical side of things.

    That’s where we come in – Jeffrey Miller (my co-presenter) has self-published five fiction books, and has an excellent website at I’ve self-published two non-fiction books – and am almost finished with my third. You may also know me as the blogger behind Chris in South Korea, which has kept me busy between books!

    There will be two workshops – one in Seoul on November 24th, and one in Daejeon on December 1st – and both will go from about 2-5pm. That’ll give you plenty of time to arrive from wherever you live around Korea and return home, or to get some dinner before going out to enjoy the evening.

    At the workshops, we’ll be addressing lots of questions related to self-publishing, including the following:

    Technical Aspects

    ~ How do I put my book up for sale?

    ~ What pitfalls or issues should I be aware?

    ~ How do I insert Korean characters?

    ~ What’s the submission process like?

    ~ Which computer program(s) should I use to create my book?

    Marketing Aspects

    ~ What’s the best way to market my book?

    ~ How do I get people to review my book?

    ~ What’s the best strategy to use social networking?

    ~ Should I offer my book for free for a limited time?

    ~ Where should I promote my book, and how?

    Business Aspects

    ~ How do I price my book?

    ~ How do I receive the money while here in Korea?

    ~ Where do I find support or people to work with?

    ~ Which services or stores should I use? Which stores aren’t worth bothering with?

    ~ What do I do next?

    Jeffrey and I will also be sticking around after the workshop to chat or answer individual questions.

    The workshop will cost 50,000 won, which can be paid in cash on arrival. This is a fraction of the price you’d pay to consult with a professional e-book designer

    Beyond the workshops, a new community has formed amongst self-publishers. Check it out the group on Facebook. This goes double if you’re a graphic designer, an editor, a translator, good with laying a book out,  or have another creative service that authors can use. 

    More information about the workshops can be found here for Daejeon and here, for Seoul. If you plan to go, we’d really appreciate it if you click ‘Going’ – that way we know how many people are coming.



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