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Samsung Takes 71% of Global Smartwatch Market

South Korea’s tech giant, Samsung Electronics Co., took 71 percent of the global market for smart watches in the first quarter of 2014, data showed Monday.

Samsung shipped 500,000 units of smart watches over the first three months of this year, according to tech industry watcher Strategy Analytics. It was an increase from Samsung’s market share of 52.4 percent in 2013, when it sold 1 million units around the globe.

Japan’s Sony Corp. and Pebble of the United States held 11.4 percent of the market each in the January-March period by shipping 80,000 units, data showed. Motorola and Qualcomm Inc. shipped 10,000 units each to take 1.4 percent.

The first-quarter sales numbers for Samsung, the world’s biggest maker of smartphones, gains added meaning considering that customers made their purchases knowing that the company was about to launch new wearables.

Source: Busan eFM News




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