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Salsa Cocktail Party @ Seomyeon/Steak after party @ Haeundae


Busan International Salsa Club Cocktails night

2 Cocktails Night / Steak&Soju after party@ Haeundae
Saturday Jan. 28, 2012
2 Cocktails Night [7:30 ~ Midnight] @ Bar Caribe, Seomyeon
Lessons + Party + 2Drinks = 10,000 Won(krW)

Applied drinks are :
Gin&Tonic, Rum&Coke, Black Russian
Bottled domestic beer, Orange juice


Schedule for Lessons

7:30pm – 8pm : Basic steps for absolute beginners
8:00pm – 9pm : Salsa for all levels

9:00pm – midnight : Social dance time/ Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Club music

midnight ~ : move to Haeundae for after party 

Steak&Soju after party@ Haeundae [Midnight ~ ]

Charge : 20,000 Won(krW) for the after party


At midnight, we will drive afterparty members to Haeundae??? ???. 

* We have 12Kgs of beef flank steak (Sirloin) ready
* We are unbelievably lucky to have a large villa(231m2) for the night for free!! 
Which means each member has to pay only for the market price beef flank and soju!!!
* Music is ready so we can dance all night!
* We can play Korean traditional games like ???, ???? and other
simple modern games of Korea and the world. 
* Plans for sightseeing and brunch next day morning

Please contact Amelia on 010-4845-1552 for more information or if you have any questions..

Or visit us on Facebook: Busan International Salsa Club 




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