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S-train Adds More Fun to Southern Region

Ocean, islands, and a train. Take your time meditating while enjoying tea inside a train where you can also enjoy fresh seafood.

Tourists can enjoy a quality train trip starting on September 27, 2013, as Korail will introduce the new S-train tourism program which will guide passengers through the southern part of Korea. The name S-train originates from south and the curvy shape of the South Sea of Korea.

Under the program, new turtle-themed trains will travel two routes — from Busan to Yeosu and from Gwangju to Masan — once a day with five cars which can accommodate up to 218 passengers.

The train which departs from Busan will travel a total of 250.7 kilometers to the venue of the Yeosu Expo via Gupo, Jinyeong, Masan, Jinju, Hadong, Suncheon, and Yeocheon. The other train which will depart from Gwangju will travel more than 260 kilometers to Masan via Nampyeong, Boseong, Deungnyang, Beolgyo, Suncheon, Bukcheon, and Jinju.

Passengers can enjoy their train travel, as each of the five passenger cars is built on different themes — rooms for healing, family, cafeteria, tea, and leisure and sports. Korail expects that the cafeteria and tea room will win popularity among travelers, as these two cars are unique to the S-train. The train will delight food lovers as they can enjoy well-known Korean cuisines of the southern region at the cafeteria and experience a traditional Korean-style tea ceremony with fragrant tea produced from the southern region in a tea room which will be introduced for the first time to Korean trains.

S-train passengers can also enjoy local festivals throughout the southern region as the train passes the venues of popular events like Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival scheduled from October 1 to 13, Beolgyo Cockle Festival, and Suncheon Bay Reeds Festival, both of which are to be held from October 25 to 27. The Busan International Film Festival is scheduled to be held from October 3-12.

Each of the stations along the train route, like Jinju, Hadong, Suncheon, Yeosu, Beolgyo, and Boseong, shows the uniqueness of local culture and tourism with newly built tourism information centers, food, and other local specialty shops.

Korail has previously introduced train tourism programs called the O-train and V-train earlier this spring. The two trains have attracted about 130,000 people since opening this April. Thanks to the train programs, daily visitors to Buncheon and Yangwon, some of the temporary stops of the train routes, also rose from ten to 1,000.

For more information, visit the Korail website at or call 1544-7788 / 1588-7788

Source: Busan City News




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