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Rhymes and Reggae in Busan @Vinyl Underground KSU


Let's celebrate the beginning of Spring with great Rhymes and Reggae music @ one of Busan"s best live music venues, VINYL UNDERGROUND. There is a sick lineup of live hip hop acts. Megook Movement (Gwangju),CJ Infinite (Seoul), GMO (Gunsan), Gina Da Vinci (Gunsan), and one of Busan's favorite artist Drew Dobz. Hip Hop is just to get the crowd nice and crunk before Reggae fusion artist JoshRoy (Seoul), takes the crowd to another level. This show is guaranteed to be not only one of the best expat shows in Busan but in Korea.Busan's own Dj Swagger will be bringing heat on the turntables for the night. Jeff Dalgleish will be on the camera taking dope pictures, so look your best!!!!Busan come out to one of the best expat shows this year!!!!

****************Ticket Info******************************

Feb 25-Mar 15 5,000 won
Mar 16-22 10,000 won
15,000 won at the door

Click attend to get on the RSVP list, we will check nightly to make sure people pay the correct price.You can also contact any of the artist on this page to get on the RSVP list. Any questions pm Bryan Simmons (Hypnotiq).


*Megook Movement*

Megook Movement has dropped two music videos for their tracks "Payback" and "Another day in the SK". Started in late 2009, Megook Movement is a group of individuals’ committed to promoting Hip Hop music and culture in South Korea. The movement is currently involved in DJ-ing, rapping, and producing, and has released "Listen and Repeat" and their second album "Next Level Up".They are currently working on their third album and still touring Korea. Expect solo albums from Megook Movement's own Dj Hypnotiq and AC Cutta. It all started in Gwangju, South Korea but is now being opened up to the world, helping to spread real HipHop culture. If you are a fan, singer, rapper, producer, dancer, graphic artist, video maker, photographer or just have a love for music than join the movement and be prepared to put things in motion.



*Cj Infinite*

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CJ Infinite’s music is both at theepicenter and the edge of what hip hop is about. The song “DorianGray” captures his sound perfectly; a mash of jazz and poetry that wouldn’t work with mainstream radio mixed with the unapologetic honesty that makes hip hop feared and then embraced by said gatekeepers. CJ has been quietly growing and evolving as an artist in South Korea while working as an ESL teacher pays his bills. Currently polishing an EP called “Something Light,” CJ plans to continue honing his sound for ears while performing anywhere with a stage.Look for anything CJ Infinite at



G-MO’s premier album, Mr. Clean has made an international splash and has led him to headline shows in Seoul, South Korea. The title of his album has two meanings, “the first represents the fact that my record is clean, the second represents my style cuz it’s fresh and clean”. His first album release is a combination of musical styles from dance to hip hop that have been blended together. He labels this combination as “loco”. He continues touring and promoting his “loco” movement. He aspires to be one of the top rappers in the game and as he commands his pen to create lyrics that seamlessly flow and beats highly “flavored” with as much bass as you can stand that make you want to “Go Loco” he is on the fast track to success.

*Drew Dobz*

Originally hailing from the South Florida area, Drew Dobz grew up in a place where dirty south music was predominantly listened to and played on the radio and in the streets. However, having always listened to that "real hip hop" for most of his life, he stayed true to himself and eventually branched out to make his own music. He has proved himself to be a versatile emcee who enjoys touching on a variety of topics in his songs. His influences go beyond that of just hip-hop, though. Old Soul, R&B, Rock, Reggae, Classical, Latin, and Jazz have all fed into his addiction and passion for his inspiration and creation of music. He is currently working on a project consisting of popular Korean songs with a twist of his own unique style. You can check out some of his songs at



Most people identify Reggae with Bob Marley and much like Elvis Presley was crowned the King of Rock n' Roll and Michael Jackson the King of Pop, there are many recognized artists that have made their contributions to the genres including Reggae which has evolved quite a lot since the "one drop" of Bob Marley and the Whalers… JoshRoy has been crowned Korea's Reggae Ambassador by NEH Magazine for his contribution through his original songs that cover Roots, Lover's'Rock, Ska, Rocksteady, Ragga, and Dancehall, including many collaborations with local Hip Hop and R&B artists. JoshRoy has a great stage presence that leaves you in awe and his songs are uplifting and made for dancing. "There could be two people in the audience or hundreds, it doesn’t matter to Josh, he takes no prisoners, he gives it everything" Word from the R.O.K ( JoshRoy has been performing up and down the Korean peninsula to a growing fan base. You can watch/listen to many of his songs on YouTube here: You can also find him on Sound Cloud: Be sure to LIKE the Facebook page: Fans-of-JoshRoy ( for updates on shows and listen to more songs through MyBand/Reverbnation.


*Dj Swagger*

DJ Swagger is a Canadian hip hop DJ from Vancouver. He was taught the skills by the 2012 Red Bull Korea Hip Hop Champion DJ Pandol. Once well known in Busan, he was laying down hip hop in HaeUndae at U2, KSU at The Blue Monkey, Foxy and Fabric before moving to Seoul in 2011. He is currently working on his new mixtape and will be ready to rock Vinyl with the MCs come the 23rd.





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