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Redeemer ICC Church


 Redeemer International Community Church is a body of believers from all over the world, gathered together to worship Jesus Christ. Here at Redeemer ICC, we are committed to the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.

Sometimes the world can feel like a rollercoaster that has gotten out of control. We were happy when we got on, but now all we want to do is get off as soon as possible. We look around and there is so much that just doesn’t seem right. So, we begin to look for answers. Answers that will make sense out of what we see and what we know to be true in our heart. What we see is a world in trouble where evil seems to always have the upper hand and all that is good and right seems squashed under the weight of injustice.

At Redeemer International Community Church, we don’t promise or aim to answer all of your questions. What we do aim to do is connect people to Jesus Christ, because the greatest problem with the world is that we have rejected God, and in rejecting God we have embraced and loved all that is wrong.

We did this expecting freedom, but instead we became slaves to the very things we thought would free us. The truth is that true freedom and true life are only found in having a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Redeemer ICC is based in Busan and consists of a group of believers from all over the world. We are an independent English-speaking congregation, and we exist for one purpose only: to proclaim the excellence of God so that all people can know true freedom through Jesus. We invite and encourage you to come out and visit us anytime. Find us online at or contact Pastor Dan and Pastor James at

Redeemer International Community Church is an advertiser in Busan Haps.



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