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Many have vanished in the PNU Triangle, never to be traveled alone!
the establishments:
THIRSTY MOOSE: pure microbrewed canadian beer, delicious turkish food, and open roof top beer garden!!!! open at 4:00
PACO TACO: best magaritas in town, spicy mexican food, and the newest pool table in PNU open at 6:00
BASEMENT: the best dive dance bar in town serving ORIGINAL Long Island Iced TEAs open at 7:00
THE DEAL : SPEND 10,000 at MOOSE,get a triangle card… SPEND 10,000 won at PACO, get a triangle card….redeem both cards at basement for a free LONG ISLAND ICED TEA, BIG ROCK CIDER or WINE…must have two cards, but can have more for more free drinks …only good on SATURDAY…wear a white t-shirt!





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