The Punk n’ Roll Circus Returns


    BUSAN, South Korea – Hard up for quality punk rock? Then follow these three steps on Saturday night: 1 – Lace up your combat boots. 2 – March down to Vinyl Underground. 3 – Commence slam dancing. The Punk ‘n Roll Circus returns to Kyungsung for a fifth time with 100% Busan-bred talent.

    Nacho Pupa, the reigning champs of Battle of the Bands, pack the stage like a clown car — seven members deep. Doors open at 9:30 on Saturday, so arrive early and secure a spot to witness these Koreans nail Irish punk to a T. The Busan music faithful are keen to their jig-laden ditties.

    It’s not uncommon for punk fans to cross over into rockabilly territory. Mix honky-tonk, pompadours, kazoos, and a stand-up bass — you’ve got the one and only Sunday Losers. They belt out country boogies in Hangul. Hank Williams is undoubtedly rolling over in his grave. They’ve earned a reoccurring slot in the Circus lineup due to sheer talent. This is a set not to be missed.

    Three other groups that competed at Battle of the Bands will tear up the stage again this weekend. Self Made Hero, billed as “the last hope of skate-punk in Busan,” delivers pop saturated with crunchy guitar. The speedy ska-punk of Psycho Rockets will certainly bring the crowd to a sweat. Finally, the trio Genius strikes a cerebral chord with their deep bass lines, catchy guitar riffs, and punk vocals.

    Five total bands will flood your mind with memories of teen angst and rebellion on Saturday. Maybe moshing in Korea never seemed possible, but now the pit beckons.

    There’s no cotton candy under this Big Top, just alcohol. 10,000W gets you into the show, and includes one free drink.

    Follow these links to sample this weekend’s lineup:
    Sunday Losers
    Psycho Rockets
    Self Made Hero

    Doors open at 9:30 p.m. 10,000KRW gets you in the door for the show and a free drink in your hand.



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