Psy Bringing Gangnam Style to BIFF

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BUSAN, South Korea – Korean singer-sensation Psy is bringing his "Gangnam Style" to the Busan International Film Festival, with a scheduled performance on October 6th during “Lotte Night”.

According to Lotte, one of the event organizers, Psy will be performing at the Busan International Film Festival and local and international media is taking notice as crowds are expected to be huge, hoping to catch a glimpse of the now world famous star.

"Gangnam Style" reached #1 on the UK Billboard Charts, as well as currently #2 in the U.S. He also is giving a free concert in Seoul tonight at 10 p.m. at the Han River Park.

UPDATE: The show will be at the Lotte Hotel in Seomyeon. Get there early.

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