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Psy Booed in Italy

VIDEO: PSY Booed Off the Stage at Italian Cup Final

It wasn’t exactly what you would call a stellar week for PSY.

The Korean rapper who took the world by storm last year was booed loudly at the Italian Cup final ceremony between Roma and Lazio last week and appeared visibly embarrassed by the reaction as he performed his 2012 hit, ‘Gangnam Style’.

As the crowd displeasure increased audibly, organizers turned up the volume to drown out the boos so PSY could be heard.

He first performed his new hit ‘Gentleman’, which wasn’t greeted with a much better reception.

To PSY’s credit, as has become his trademark when faced with criticism, such as Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong calling him ‘the herpes of music,’ he took it all in stride by announcing, ‘I love Italy!’ in Italian.

A person who also impersonated PSY at the Cannes Film Festival showed up once again at the Monaco Grand Prix, doing interviews and pretending to be the chart-topping singer. It’s not easy being king.




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